Partnering in Financial Empowerment.

Transforming your financial aspirations into reality.

“Realize that it may take you a little while to pay off the best and be OK with that. Once you've paid if off, continue to save that amount to build an emergency fund.”

- Carol Fabbri, CFP®

Fair Advisors Founder
Managing Partner
Financial Advisor

Beyond Denver Horizons:
Serving Clients Nationwide with Transparent Financial Guidance

While our roots are in Denver, our reach extends across the nation. At Fair Advisors, we seamlessly connect with clients from coast to coast through remote meetings held daily.

Who are the faces behind Fair Advisors?

Our clientele is as diverse as the country itself, spanning various ages and backgrounds. These individuals and families seek more than just financial guidance  — they crave genuine advice to turn their dreams into reality. In a world inundated with marketing, our clients value clarity over flashy dinners. Additionally, we collaborate with a select group of investment managers who understand the importance of providing clients with a robust financial plan, even if it's a service they don't offer themselves.

What sets us apart?

At Fair Advisors, our clients turn to us for financial advice, whether they're planning for a comfortable retirement, funding education, embarking on a global voyage, or establishing an endowment for their alma mater. Our process is consistent:

  • Your voice and concerns are heard.
  • Your current financial situation and aspirations are understood.
  • Your situation is thoroughly analyzed.

And after meaningful discussions and shared agreement as to the direction best for you, your journey is one that we will embark on together. 

How do you charge?

Fair Advisors operates on an hourly fee structure for financial advice. To provide flexibility, we offer bundled hours at lower rates and annual packages that include regular meetings and reviews throughout the year.

Are you fee-only advisors?

Absolutely. We are proud to be strictly fee-based, ensuring our dedication to transparent practices. While we refrain from accepting commissions for financial advice, there is an exception when assisting clients in purchasing term life insurance, where a commission is unavoidable. We exhaustively explored non-commissioned options for this product but found none — yet.

Have more questions?

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