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Carol Fabbri, CFP ®
The why behind the how

“If you set up biweekly payments instead of monthly ones, you'll make the equivalent of 13 payments a year instead of 12. Less interest will add up,
and you'll pay off more of you principal.”

- Carol Fabbri, CFP®

Fair Advisors Founder
Managing Partner
Financial Advisor

Carol Fabbri, CFP, Founder & Principal of Fair Advisors
Meet Carol, the driving force behind Fair Advisors. She’s dedicated to helping individuals, financial planning firms, and nonprofit organizations achieve their fiscal aspirations. As an accomplished financial advisor and MIT graduate, Carol draws on a decade of international business consulting to continually clarify the often intricate financial landscape.

In her role, Carol goes beyond conventional approaches, challenging industry norms. Quoted in Forbes magazine's Investment Guide, she urges people to look beyond buzzwords and complexity, evoking the analogy of the Wizard of Oz – encouraging everyone to peek behind the curtain.

Carol identifies emotional baggage and industry ambiguity as primary obstacles to sound investment decisions. Through financial education, she replaces preconceived notions with knowledge, dismantling psychological barriers that hinder optimal choices.

Co-author of "The 3 Simple Rules of Investing" and “Personal Investing – The Missing Manual,” Carol is a sought-after speaker and a trusted source for renowned publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Consumer Reports.

Driven by a passion for financial education, Carol founded Fair Advisors Institute (FAI) (add link), a nonprofit committed to enhancing financial literacy in the U.S. FAI, has been instrumental in developing and delivering personal finance courses for almost a decade, collaborating with organizations like Young Americans Bank, Girl Scouts of Colorado, and The Boys & Girls Club of the High Rockies.

Carol's contributions extend beyond accolades, having received the 2009 TIAW World of Difference Award for economically empowering women. She has received the 5 Star Service Award annually since the inception of Fair Advisors.

Through her writing, speaking engagements, or advisory roles, Carol is on a mission to demystify money, transforming it into a powerful tool for individuals to achieve their goals.

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